Protecting The Sound

Cruise ship entering Elliott Bay and tanker escort

As part of its community involvement, Puget Sound Pilots works closely with many environmental groups active in protecting Puget Sound, such as the Puget Soundkeeper Alliance. In addition to serving as board members, we participate directly in projects, either through funding or as volunteers. For example, we recently partnered with the Puget Sound Restoration Fund in a kelp restoration project off Restoration Point at the southern end of Bainbridge Island. This was an effort to reintroduce kelp to this area using techniques similar to those used in restoring oyster and other shellfish beds.

Puget Sound Pilots sponsors functions held by environmental groups throughout the region, and are the first pilotage association to achieve the Green Marine Certification.

Puget Sound Pilots sponsors functions held by environmental groups throughout the region. We have been privileged to participate in many events with People for Puget Sound over the years and are looking forward to working with the Washington Environmental Council and the Washington Conservation Voters as we go forward. Our members also often attend dinners and events at Forterra (formerly Cascade Land Conservancy) and the Puget Soundkeeper Alliance, as well.

The Puget Sound Pilots wants to serve as a liaison between the ocean carriers and oil companies who bring ships into Puget Sound and the environmental community which is legitimately concerned about the risks involved. One of the reasons for Puget Sound’s impressive maritime safety record is a strong and effective state pilotage system of highly-skilled local professionals directly responsible to the people of Washington, under the State Pilotage Commission.