Outreach Program

Puget Sound Pilots are working to increase inclusion and diversity in the maritime industry and pilotage. The objective of the pilot aspirant program is to make Puget Sound Pilots available to all mariners, inclusive of underrepresented populations who may aspire to become a mariner or a Puget Sound Pilot, by community outreach, mentorships, and scholarships. Members conduct outreach to inform the community about pilotage and educate youth about maritime careers and piloting. Click to read PSP’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion Policy.

Through our mentorship program young mariners or pilot aspirants are connected to a pilot or experienced master to encourage and guide the aspirant along a path to potentially become a PSP candidate. Scholarships are available by approval of the PSP Board of Directors to support those seeking a maritime education or employment. The pilot aspirant program is focused on promoting inclusion and diversity in the maritime industry and pilotage through a multi-tier process. For more information, please email pilotaspirant@pspilots.org

For youth interested in learning more about careers in the Maritime Industry, Maritime High School offers a fun and unique learning experience with boundless opportunities. Click here to watch a short video on their unique approach to learning.

Click here to read the Seattle Times Article on Puget Sound Pilot Sandy Bendixen


Additionally, we encourage anyone interested in a career in piloting to contact us for information. The qualification program is administered by the Washington State Board of Pilotage Commissioners and is open to all who qualify. Membership in the Puget Sound Pilots is open to anyone with a Washington State Pilots License.