While Manned Model shiphandling training is the most sophisticated available, PSP members also use marine simulators as part of their regular training and on an ad hoc basis when needed.

Simulators are high tech rooms built to duplicate the navigating bridge of a large ocean going ship. They contain the normal array of instruments and stations. They look out onto a 180 degree rounded movie screen that shows them exactly what they would be seeing if they were on an actual ship. It is very lifelike, even to the point of making non pilot visitors nauseous under some circumstances!

Simulators can provide a realistic display of any weather condition, atmospheric phenomena, time of day or visibility. Tides and currents can be programmed to change during a simulation and simulators can create realistic environmental conditions; such as fog banks, local wind and current effects, and local wave effects. Alarms can be initiated to simulate an array of system malfunctions; including engine, steering, and navigational aid failures.

Lessons learned in these simulator sessions can guide newer pilots as they refine their skills over the first years of license restricted activity.