Puget Sound Pilots is working to increase the number of women pilots through the creation of the Piloting Opportunities in Puget Sound committee (POPS). This committee, which is comprised of pilots and women involved in the local maritime community, is focused on fostering the involvement of women in pilotage. Committee members conduct numerous outreach efforts to educate women mariners about piloting opportunities in Puget Sound. This outreach includes direct contacts with experienced ship masters who are already qualified to sit for the pilot exam as well as providing information and career counseling for cadets and mates who are interested in eventually becoming a pilot.

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Karin Starhre-Janson
We encourage anyone interested in a career in piloting to contact us for information. The qualification program is administered by the Washington State Board of Pilotage Commissioners and is open to all who qualify. Membership in the Puget Sound Pilots is open to anyone with a Washington State Pilots License.